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    Dedicated servers

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    What is a dedicated server?

    Dedicated server is a physical computer with permanent access to the Internet, completely at your disposal. All parameters can be flexibly defined, including the choice of Windows/Linux operating system.

    What is the use of a dedicated server?

    Dedicated servers are a perfect solution for gamers, professionals, as well as companies offering Internet services - mail, servers, websites.

    Thanks to the implementation of an unlimited data transfer service, dedicated servers will also be suitable for companies that support:

    • Internet radios,

    • Internet TV,

    • forums,

    • other demanding applications for which VPS server resources are insufficient.

    What can I do in the management panel of a dedicated server?

    In the panel for managing dedicated servers, the user can

    • check the state of power supply, its change,

    • hard reboot,

    • check invoice

    To administrate dedicated servers the client can additionally use the free KVM service.

    Can I install Windows operating system on my server?

    Yes. It can be done in following ways:

    • The customer buys a license for Windows and installs the new operating system themself, using the KVM console (ordered via panel),

    • The customer buys the license key and sends the installtion order to An additional fee for the installation will be applied.

    Is it possible to create a backup copy of a dedicated server?

    You can order additional backup space for your server. Write a ticket to to order it.

    How to stop or reboot a dedicated server?

    The dedicated server can be restarted via management panel after selecting the server where you can check the power status and perform power off/on or hard restart operation.

    Can I have several IP addresses on a dedicated server?

    Yes. Every server has one IPv4 address and one IPv6. More can be bought using the "Buy new" option in the panel.

    Can I change parameters of a dedicated server?

    You can add additional disks, or migrate the server to another configuration. Write to if you are interested.

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