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    What is the BGP protocol and how it works?

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    BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is a part of the EGP (External Gateway Protocol) protocols family. It allows connection between autonomic systems and is also responsible for routing (choosing a route for data transfer between nodes). During this process many parameters are accounted for, so the chosen route is the most efficient.

    It uses the TCP protocol, making the data transfer lossless and thus removing the need for data correction. It operates in the fourth layer of the OSI model.

    BGP board contains information on unique numbers of registered individual autonomic systems. BGP announcing is sending to highest level Internet service providers information on specified autonomic system. It is worth mentioning that it is only useful if the AS has more than one ISP: if there is only one Internet service provider, the way of communicating with the AS will be always the same.

    Mevspace offers BGP announcing, which may be used by Clients who have servers with their have own IP addresses. It can be done both using Mevspace's autonomic system number, or with the Client's synchronised system. If you are interested in this service write to

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