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    How to use the Storage Space at Mevspace?

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    Storage Space is a service of additional external space for data storage or backup. Backup (security copy) - is used to securely store data for later restoration in case of loss or damage to the original data usually due to a disaster.

    Our Storage Space service guarantees secure storage space for important data for the dedicated servers we offer and your files.

    Description of the purchase of Storage Space

    In order to purchase the backup service you need to:

    Log in to your panel account. (
    Select "Backup space" from the sidebar menu.

    how to use storage space step 1

    Then click on the 'Buy' button to configure the size and purchase ofthe backup space:

    how to use storage space step 2

    We will be redirected to, where we can learn more about the service, as well as configure it for our requirements, i.e., choose the amount of data space we are interested in.

    how to use storage space step 3

    After selecting the option that suits us, we add the service to the cart with the blue "Add to cart" button. At this point, we will receive a notification that the service has been added correctly, where we have the option to finalize the transaction - going to the summary of previously selected services (including servers) or continuing shopping on the site.

    how to use storage space step 4

    how to use storage space step 5

    Connecting to the service to upload files from your own computer.

    To upload files from your own computer, use one of the FTP clients (e.g. FileZilla).

    Our login credentials for the backup service can be found in the "Storage Space" tab in the panel. After navigating to the given tab you'll receive all the data needed to connect to our secure space i.e., host/server -individual login and port.

    The password for the service is automatically sent by our system to the email address assigned to the account.

    To connect to the backup server we enter the appropriate data in the boxes as in the picture below:

    how to use storage space step 6

    Attention: The login details will differ from those shown in the above screen, the screen is just to show the correctly entered data.

    Connection from a dedicated server

    To connect to the backup service from a dedicated server we use the lftp command.

    The first step is to install the lftp service on the server:

    Depending on the operating system you are using, we run the following commands using the command line:

    (RedHat, CentOS etc.)

    yum install lftp


    (Ubuntu, Debian etc.)

    apt-get install lftp

    Next, we modify the etc/lftp.conf file by adding the following variables to it:

    set ftp:ssl-protect-data true
    set ftp:ssl-force true
    set ftp:ssl-auth TLS
    set ssl:verify-certificate nos

    Then we use the following command to connect to the backup server:

    lftp ftp://username:password@hostname:21


    root@test:~# lftp ftp://b733706:QD0TPduNuhPfgsD2@storage-space:21
    lftp b733706@storage-space:~>

    To upload a single file to the backup space, we use the command:

    lftp ftp://username:password@hostname:21 -e “cd Folder; put File; quit”

    To upload the entire folder, use the command:

    lftp ftp://username:password@hostname:21 -e “cd Folder; mirror -R {local folder location} {target folder location on the server}; quit”


    root@test:~# lftp ftp://b733706:QD0TPduNuhPfgsD2@storage-space:21 -e "cd kopia; mirror -R katalog_test kopia; quit"
    cd ok, cwd=/kopia
    New: 1 file, 0 symlinks

    Done! Your data is now secured.

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