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    How to report technical problems: template

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    Your Email Address:


    Note: This must be the address from which you log into the Mevspace Panel. This way, our administrators will solve the given problem faster.

    The name of the service concerned:


    Note: The service name is for example the hostname of a dedicated server or VPS. It has the format The hostname can be found in the Mevspace Panel after entering the list of services in the VPS or Dedicated Servers tab. Another piece of information by which we can identify your server is its main IP address, which you will find in the Mevspace Panel, same as the hostname.

    Problem description:


    Note: Please describe the exact problem, date, and time of its occurrence. Additionally, attaching screenshots of the problem and/or the error message it caused may help solve the problem.

    Sample Technical Problem Raport

    Your email address:

    The name of the affected service:

    Problem Description:

    The server has been rebooting for two hours. I attach server logs. Unfortunately, I was not able to determine anything. Please help me with this issue.

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