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    How to cancel Mevspace services from the Panel?

    Reading time: 2 min

    If you want to cancel the service and do not want to renew it, you can refuse it yourself using your Mevspace Panel.


    • Canceling a service means that after the expiration date, the service will be deleted from your Panel. A Proforma invoice will not be issued for the next billing period for that service.

    • You can cancel the service at any time. A service marked for deletion will be active until its expiration date.

    • If you already have a merged proforma invoice for two or more services and you want to renew only selected one, then canceling the server that you do not want to renew will change the proforma invoice. The services marked for deletion will be unsubscribed from the proforma invoice automatically.

    Here is a short tutorial on how to do it:

    Log in to the Mevspace Panel.

    login panel

    Click the “Services” view button from the left-side menu.

    panel services

    In the list of the services you have, choose the one you want to cancel and select it with a check box.

    list of services

    After this, click the “Cancel service” button. Calling the button causes a confirmation dialogue box to appear: "Confirm cancellation of services. You are canceling the services of: [Service name] - [Deactivation date]. Are you sure?"

    Confirming the changes you have made completes the process.

    confirm changes

    The “Renew” status of the canceled server will change to “No” in the service view. The service will be active until the expiration date and then will be deleted from your Panel.

    renew panel

    All done! You have successfully canceled the service from the Mevspace Panel.

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