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    Data Center Mevspace 1

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    Container server rooms

    Server room in a container is a non-standard solution of a standard server room.

    Basic information about Data Center Mevspace 1

    DC Mevspace 1 is one of two server rooms used by MEVSPACE Sp. z o.o. (formerly Meverywhere Sp. z o.o.), and it is the biggest, and basic data processing facility. Data Center Mevspace 1 is an original solution, which uses the so-called Modular Data Center - or a server room in a container - that makes our services possibly most economical and ecological.

    Facility designed in such way allows implementation of own technologies, e.g., Container Server Rooms and MEVFrame. Moreover, the modular solution meets all requirements for Data Centers, including TIER 3 standard and higher.

    The server room is located near Warsaw. Its location is dictated by a number of safety requirements, i.e., it is a non-disaster zone away from roads with huge traffic and other factors that could disrupt the stability of services provided. At the same time, it provides constant access to essential energy and telecommunication resources.

    data center mevspace 1

    Fig.1 - Entry to Data Center Module Mevspace 1

    Construction of Container Server Rooms

    Modular Data Centers are built in Poland directly by our personnel. We build them accordingly to our know-how, using trusted solutions for modular server rooms. Container Server Rooms are fully prepared on-site: from painting to installing essential elements like air conditioning, racks, UPS, etc.

    Each module is prepared for services like dedicated servers, colocation, private clouds, VPS, and other additional services.

    data center mevspace 2

    Fig.2 - Air conditioners

    Power supply

    DC Mevspace 1 is connected to 15 kVA medium voltage power lines and medium voltage transformers. Those lines operate within a ring, providing power supply redundancy. Furthermore, if power from 15kV lines is lost, generators start working in just a few seconds, protecting services from blackout. Generators have fuel for 24 hours of independent operation. Tests of reserve energetics in DC Mevspace 1 are performed regularly every month.

    DC Mevspace 1 telecommunication infrastructure

    Telecommunication infrastructure connects server room resources with telecommunication nodes and other server rooms located in central Warsaw. They are connected to Warsaw Fibre Optic Ring. Ensuring access to local, national, and global telecommunication operators.

    DC Mevspace 1 facility is present in several operator nodes (LIM, EQUINIX, THINX.) We use traffic exchange points like THINX, PLIX, and TPIX. Our total Internet access resources are over 100 Gbps.

    data center mevspace 3

    Fig.3 - Storage dedicated servers in K1 Module

    Technologies of MEVSPACE Sp. z o.o. (formerly Meverywhere Sp. z o.o.)

    MEVSPACE Sp. z o.o. (formerly Meverywhere Sp. z o.o.) has its technological laboratory in Warsaw. We stake on constant development, and thus we work on our know-how and technologies, which we successively introduce, improving our services. Technologies we've introduced so far are:


    DC Mevspace 1 uses the MEVFrame concept, which minimizes the PUE of our server rooms even to 1,1, reducing costs up to 40%. A MEVFrame consists of server cases, their construction, and racks, placed in a specially prepared Container Server Room.

    MEVFrame lowers the costs of offered services, saves energy and the natural environment. We build our infrastructure with AMD and Intel processors in DC Mevspace 1 with it. The use of MEVFrame in Modular Data Centers allows lowers the price of our services, while keeping high quality and efficiency. Moreover, it reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the server and helps save materials - there is no plastic used in server cases.

    Another one of MEVFrame premises is lack of mechanical elements - for example, we use NVMe disks, as they do not have moving platters. In our cases, servers have a better airflow, while their fans are less loaded or even unnecessary. Thanks to those solutions we can reduce the price of dedicated servers by a few dozen percent compared to the competition!

    MEVFrame technology is used only by MEVSPACE Sp. z o.o. (formerly Meverywhere Sp. z o.o.) in container server rooms.

    data center mevspace 4

    Fig.4 - Dedicated server AMD Ryzen 5/7 in DC Mevspace 1

    Container Server Rooms

    The idea of Container Server Rooms was born out of the desire of building an economical, modular facility that would meet the expectations placed on data centers. The construction of server rooms started many years ago, and they were introduced in 2020. Container Server Rooms are individual modules, which can either function independently (one module does not affect another), or they can form a cluster of connected segments. Every single module has its own air conditioning in the N+1 system, UPS, anti-fire system, alarm, and CCTV. They were designed to ensure physical safety and protection from weathering. Moreover, they are prepared to work efficiently with MEVFrame technology, and also for colocation in a standard rack. By using carefully selected components, and with the highest quality maintenance, we build flexible and scalable IT infrastructure, which we successfully introduce and use in our data center.

    data center mevspace 5

    Fig.5 - Racks cabinets in DC Mevspace 1

    Data Center Security

    Container Servers meet all the standards required for data centers within the TIER III standard.

    Access control system

    For security reasons, only authorized administrators and customers have access to modules, individual zones, chambers, and cabinets. We follow the highest standards and entry/exit policies. Every entrance and exit is noted and kept in logs.

    NOC administrators

    For the whole day, seven days a week the rapid response group - Network Operation Center - watches over the safety of services and cares for efficient operation of servers.

    data center mevspace 6

    Fig.6 - Work on DC infrastucture

    Server room cooling

    Redundant air conditioning guarantees a stable and secure work environment of infrastructure. It is based on air cooling with separation of cold and work zone within the N+1 system. 

    data center mevspace 7

    Fig.7 - Racks cabinets in DC Mevspace 1


    The server room is located in the fenced site in an industrial part of Wyszków, about 45 km from Warsaw.


    Video surveillance, i.e., interior cameras with a view of server racks and rooms, and exterior surveillance with a view of the entire facility. Security personnel monitors the site 24/7/365.

    data center mevspace 8

    Fig.8 - Interior cameras

    Anti-fire system

    We use early fire detection technology and an Inergen-type gas extinguishing system.

    Fireproof elements

    Doors, walls, and ceilings are all build accordingly with standards, ensuring a high degree of fire resistance.

    data center mevspace 9

    Fig.9 - Inergen-type gas extinguishing system


    DC Mevspace 1 has DRC (Disaster Recovery Center), located several kilometers from Warsaw. Designed for those who need to store secure backups.

    data center mevspace 10

    Fig.10 - Entrance to the Mevspace Data Center 1 object
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